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How a Misunderstood Epidemic Is Destroying Our Children, Expanded and Revised Edition

Published on Oct 16, SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! Embed Size px. Concenital rubella virus and congenital cytomegalovirus have been indirectly involved as casative factors in autism. If an infectious etiology indeed exists, it may be as ordinary as the common cold or so rare that we have not yet developed the tools to identify or study it.

At htis point, they appear linked by an immune dysfunction or possible viral-mediated state. Genetic predisposition to this syndrome may have a great deal to do with why certain individuals suffer with these symptoms. Studies showing elevated brain specific antibodies in autism support an autoimmune mechanism. Viruses may initiate the process but the subsequent activation of cytokines is the damaging factor associated with autism. If we're not looking at proper dietary controls, if we're giving impure supplemens or agents that may be allergenic to a child, how much harm will be done?

Worse, does the recognition of GI inflammation leading to brain inflammation confirm another likely cause, besides just viral, for the disporportionately large increase in seizures in "autistic" children? From a disorder being called "autism" in the s and s with no connection of note to seizures in those children presenting then, to the routine statement that percent of these children today may develop seizures, is one very large additional finding that should clearly demonstrate this is not Dr.

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Kanner's autism. The key repetitive finding was hypoperfusion, decreased function in key areas of the temporal lobes explaining much of this dysfunction in adults and then the children, with patterns that were consisten only with a neuroimmune, disease-type process, not a metabolic or congenital disorder. This evolves into part of the explanation for the increasing number of children with abnormal brain waves and the large numbers of autistic syndrome children having concurrent seizures and epilepsy.

Sadly we are finding scalloping and thinning in some ; this is actual loss of brain tissue and explains LKS and abnormal EEGs. The key to helping the immune sstem is not how many different products and things can one throw into it, but rather how many negative stimuli primarily foods or other non-pharmaceutically pure ingested products you can remove from the immune system, in turn allowing the immune system the first chance to start to becoe healthier. While so many studies focus on the effects of pharmaceuticals, they fail to realize that food may be the biggest drug of all.

The Autism Epidemic

It is important to remember that since this disease did not start metabolically, you are not going to cure a patient by dietary manipulations alone. The next step, dependent on lab workup and clinical history, is prescribing an antiviral for many of the patients. Unfortunately, to this day, many in the research world will debate whether the proof is absolute, even though the literature and markers overwhelmingly confirm the likely presence of herpes-related viruses.

These specific antivirals are also safe to administer to children because of their mode of action they work on a metabolic point that the Herpes virus needs for survival , as long as they are monitored and dosed appropriately. The third step is administering an antifungal the use of antifungals is still of great debate in some medical circles because of all the misconceptions and misrepresentations. Based on work in adults and children, we know that when the immune system is stressed, something we call delayed hypersenstivity often is not working right delayed hypersensitivity, often called tuberculin-type hypersensitivity, is our body's delayed response to a threat- a rash from poison oak or a reaction to an allergy skin test or tuberculosis skin test are all examples of how our healthy immune system is expected to react.

When delayed hypersensitivity is not working correctly, since it is the key part of our immune system that handles yeast and fungal issues, there is a place for a potential yeast or fungal overgrowth in any patient. While ayeast overgrowth in theory may add to symptoms of fatigue, achiness, spaciness, and more the exact mechanism a general GI overgrowth, interference with absorption versus possible release of a toxin is debatable even today. By administering antifungals to correct this overgrowth again used correctly, chosen cautiously and monitored carefully , we can help balance another stressor to the immune system in patients.

the myth of autism how a misunderstood epidemic is destroying our children Manual

After diet control, antiviral, and if indicated, an antifungal, then I begin to look at using an SSRI. As confirmed repeatedly on NueroSPECT, they are under working, under perfused - conveniently the temporal lobes are primarily serotonin mediated - it is logical to say that if you could take an agent and make the serotonin that is produced stay around longer constructively, that can and does help restore function to those areas which in turn can address some "symptoms" but in a very physiologically healthy manner by helping restore function.

And that is what SSRIs do. Unlike old-fashioned antidepressants that literally could sedate or affect the entire brain, an SSRI selectively works to block the reuptake of serotonin being produced naturally. Done judiciously and correctly, this has turned out to be an extremely important and positive step of The Goldberg Approach. Combining the above steps of therapy, it has been my repeated pleasure to see children return to levels of function never predicted before. While not childis where I would like the urgency to build and improve on The Goldberg Approach , I have many, many children not only in regular academic classes at all grade levels , but children who are in honors, have graduated high school with honors, who are now in college.

In a now health manner, these children are leading lives as my wife once commented "we would like for any of our children. Uniquely, dairy, what we call "bovine" protein, acting as what we call a "superantigen," can set up the immune system in a dysfunctional manner, resulting like the aftereffect of some viruses, particularly flu viruses in the immune system attacking and wiping out the beta cells the cell that produces insulin in the pancreas, leaving a "predisposed" individual now diabetic, requiring shots of insulin for the rest of his or her life.

The role of diet is major in thinking of removal of potential triggers, in looking at how you cool down an overall reactive, inappropriately reactive immune system. It is very foolish to think that the gut would be the control point. The key, the overall control is in the brain and what we have learned is a very complex neuroimmune system.

The neuroimmune system is in control. The use of supplements and many procedures chelation, HBOT may damage a child's brain. When a child starts on an antiviral, there's about a percent chance I'm going to get a positive response.

The Myth of Autism: How a Misunderstood Epidemic Is Destroying Our Children

With a positive response often after a die-off or kill off effect , a child on the antiviral will brighten up, become more alert, and begin to process better. In theory, the only thing you can reat with Valtrex or Famvri is a herpes-related virus. The key principle remains that a healthy immune system is our best defense against viruses, retroviruses, and multiple other potential pathogens or opportunistic organisms.

Returning our immune system to healthy, normal function is going to be the key for many interrelated autoimmune, complex neuroimmune, and complex viral dissorders. Currently, what I do with the Goldberg Approach is to attack with combined steps, with the goal of both reducing the stresses and removing the stresses attacking the body and the brain. Under the guise of "autism" as physicians the "system" has essentially observed this essentially slow chronic deterioration of the brain, and often physical condition of the patient.

Recognized as it should, recognized as NIDS, a medical epidemic, physicians would be expected not to let this continue to happen. When a child has fine or gross motor issues, has had regression in behaviors and skills, has a seizure, or has an abnormal EEG, the likelihood of a virus, particular a herpes-related virus, being present is extremely high. When approaching therapy for these chronic viruses, it is very obviously consistent with medical school teaching that an antibacterial agent, an antiviral, cannot be expected to do the whole job; one must have an immune system help.

It is important to emphasize that the use of antivirals and choice is based on a combination as discussed of safety and efficacy. If someone was in a hospital, with an overwhelming infection with CMV, HHV-6, or other serious herpes virus, one would turn to newer, stronger, potentially more toxic antiviral agents. In these children and adults , one is not dealing with an overwhelming acute infection; instead it has a much more slow, insidious, and chronic nature. The key for now is using safe antivirals to try to suppress the virus, allowing the patient's own immune system a better chance to gain control.

It has been my experience over many years that I can reach a point where the virus may be inactive, but the immune system is not yet strong enough to take over the full job if I withdraw the antiviral. In the early days, when titers and immune systems seemed better, I would stop the antiviral.

Unfortunately many of those children would then regress back into their "fog" with evidence of viral reactivation occurring. Therefore, I no longer do that. Instead, when titers are down and the immune system and the child seems healthy, I will wean down the antivira, carefully monitoring for signs of reactivation of problems from doing that.

If everything stays good, then some children certainly can come off the antiviral. Realistically this is not a short course of therapy, but just like bacteria, these viruses are becoming more resistant due to the multiple, ineffective, misuse of antivirals. These short courses, which may often stir up these slow viruses, are potentially just as harmful When you are going to try and help the body and brain become healthy, the key is nature, our own built-in defense, the immune system.

When healthy, the immune system is the component that can handle viruses and even retroviruses in theory we all have some in our bodies, but we control them, keeping them dormant or inactive when our immune systems are healthy. While candida albicans is arguably the single most important fungal pathogen, it is also a commensal organism, present in virtually all human beings from birth. Many physicians make the mistake of giving medication to control the yeast for only a few weeks or even a month and then stopping.

If the patient was starting with a normal or healthy immune system this would be a very logical step. But working on the premise that a major part of the problem is the ongoing issue of the immune system dysfunction, trying to help it return to a healthy state It's not a very good book, but it has some interesting information in it. What I liked : This doctor seems to be genuinly interested in making his patients better. He's methodical in his treatments and adheres to the motto "do no harm".

He also realizes there's no point in treating just the symptoms. Part of the treatment should therefore be to eliminate as many allergens as poss It's not a very good book, but it has some interesting information in it. Part of the treatment should therefore be to eliminate as many allergens as possible. What I didn't like : This book is not well written. The author repeats himself often, and the content seems 'organized' by free association rather than by logic.

There's also a lot of "I'm right and everybody else doesn't know what they're doing". I'm not sure what to think about the testimonials. They seem to have a lot in common : "a sweet and beautiful boy, virus infection at a young age, 'A' word diagnosis, viva dr. Goldberg, our boy is now top of his class, he will be a productive member of society and contribute instead of needing a lifetime of care". Dec 29, Julie Gentile rated it really liked it.