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The Daruma doll is a good luck doll, traditionally given as a gift — one eye is left blank, and you fill it in when your wish comes true — they come in lots of colours and all have different meanings. The idea was to recreate that at Angelina — a tiny, unique space, with the idea that you could be anywhere. I wanted to get that hazy feel of Tokyo nights; the neon flooding past.

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Groups of rough fowls coursed the succulent grasshopper before the bar doorway; a moody, distempered yes-man rubbed her ribs against a shattered trough roughly hand-hewn from the mark of a tree, and a matronly old pose of discontinue proportions wallowed complacently in the dust of the road, surrounded by her utter brood. A battered sign hung out over the door of the Shamrock, informing people that Michael Doyle was licensed to sell fermented and alcohol ic liquors, and that impregnable accommodat!

But that sign was approximately unreliable; the man who applied to be accommodated with anything beyond lovesome beveragesliquors so fiery that they bit all the way down elicited the astonishment of the proprietor. Bed and board were quite out of the country of the Shamrock. There was, in fact, only one waiting area admittedly at the disposal of the weary wayfarer, and X HE sucking-pig froze and stiffened in its fat. The truth had dawned upon Michael, and, while the sound of a spirited debate in musical Chinese echoed from, the bar, his family was gathered around him open mouthed, and Mickey was industriously but quietly pounding the sun-dried brick In a digger's mortar.

Two bricks, one from either end of the Shamrock, were pulverised, and Michael panned off the dirt in a tub of water which stood in the kitchen. Result: seven grains of water-worn gold. The Chinamen left; they found the dog wait- ing for them outside, and he encouraged them to greater haste. Like startled fawns the heathens fled, and Mr.

Doyle followed them howling:. Fitch back th' solde o' me house or Oi'll have th' law on to yez all. The damaged escapees communicated the intelligence of their overthrow to their brethren on the creek, and the news carried consternation and deep, dark woe to the pagans, who clustered together and ruefully discussed the situation. Doyle was wildly jubilant. His joy was only tinctured with a spice of bitter- ness, the result of knowing that the "haythens" had got away with a few hundreds of his precious bricks. He tried to figure out the amount of gold his hotel must contain, but again his Ignorance of arithmetic tripped him up, and already in imagination Michael Doyle, licensed victualler, was a millionaire and a J.

The dirt of which the bricks were composed had been taken from the banks of the Yellow Creek, years before the outbreak of the rush, by an eccentric German who had settled on that sylvan spot. The German died, and his gro- tesque structure passed into other hands. Time went on, and then came the rush.

The banks of the creek were found to. The intelli- gence was conveyed to his fellows; they got more bricks and more gold-hence the robbery of Mr. Doyle's building material and the anxiety of the Mongo- lians to buy the Shamrock. Before nightfall Michael summoned half a dozen men from "beyant" to help him in protecting his hotel from a pos- sible Chinese invasion.

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Other bricks were crushed and yielded splendid pros- pects. The Shamrock's small stock of liquor was drunk, and everybody became hilarious. On the Sunday night, under cover of the darkness, the Chows made a sudden sally on the Shamrock, hoping to get away with plunder. They were violently received, however. They got no bricks, and returned to their camp broken and disconsolate.

Next day the work of demolition was begun. Drays were backed up against the Shamrock, and load by load the precious bricks were carted away to a neighbouring battery. The Chinamen slouched about, watching greedily, but their now half-hearted attempts at in- terference met with painful reprisal. Doyle sent his family and furniture to Ballarat, and in a week there was not a vestige left to mark the spot where once the Shamrock flourished.

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Shanty Comedy

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