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Photo: Viktor Kolibal. Hook up with Tendoroni Titty Tuesday Overunder Tolongges Carrot Top Butter Churner The Butter Churn NTA Their sons, Andy and Billy, became my first playmates in America, though playmate was a loose term, largely because they spoke English and I didn't. At 13, I took public transportation to school for the first time instead of being driven by a chauffeur. I had never done homework without a governess helping me. I also noticed that things became seriously messy if no maids were around.

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Each week, I found it humiliating to wheel our dirty clothes to a bleak place called Laundromat. One new fact that took more time to absorb was that I was now Asian, a term that I had heard mentioned only in a social studies class.

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In Korea, yellow was the color of the forsythia that bloomed every spring along the fence that separated our estate from the houses down the hill. I certainly never thought of my skin as being the same shade.


Unlike students in Korean schools, who were taught to bow to teachers at every turn, no one batted an eye when a teacher entered a classroom. Once I saw a teacher struggle to pronounce foreign-sounding names from the attendance list while a boy in the front row French-kissed a girl wearing skintight turquoise Jordache jeans.

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In Korea, we wore slippers to keep the school floor clean, but here the walls were covered with graffiti, and some mornings, policemen guarded the gate and checked bags. My consolation was the English as a Second Language class where I could speak Korean with others like me.

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Yet it did not take me long to realize that the other students and I had little in common. The wealthier Korean immigrants had settled in Westchester or Manhattan, where their children attended private schools.