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Aliya Abbas. To Act and Let go. B Duche. Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Unconditional Love. Patricia Horton. The Art of Grounding. Charles Godwyn. Marta Trajano.

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Let it Go and Grow. Shirley Hessel. Invite Positive Energy to Your Space. Sylvia Brombin.

Conversations with Angels 2: The Book of Michael. Slavica Bogdanov. Michael Hetherington. Robin Sacredfire. Finding Hope in the Darkness of Grief. Diamante Lavendar. Jamie Best. Beau Norton. The Light Above, the Colors Within. Carol J.

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Your thoughts create your reality. Milagros de Lourdes Carretero. Fear: How to Overcome the Fear of Fighting. Bryan Keyleader. Steve Pavlina. Ant Hive Media.

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Cool Little Book of Wisdoms. Jim Koehneke. Creating Wealth.

How to Spot the Invitations to Recreate your Life.

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We've also included lots of "Help" videos so you can get instant answers as well. With this audio program you can take the experience of creating your life with you wherever you go by burning it to a CD or loading it into an iPod. You can use it while you sit and relax on the beach, while you wait for a train or when you just want some inner tranquility without having to sit in front of your computer.

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  • After that it's anybody's guess. What usually triggers you to think about the past in a negative light? Whenever you struggle, you get down on yourself for all your past challenges. Other people. Troubles in your relationships remind you of troubles in former ones, and that pulls you right back to them. Difficult circumstances. When you have a tough day, you think about the life you could be living if you had a different past. What do you think about most when you start feeling bad about the past?