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Well, it started. At this point, the aircraft is moving slowly and the guy panics. I assume while he was scrambling, he hit the throttle moving around in the cockpit remember he was laying across the seats.

Either way, the power settings were up there. On the ramp. Facing other airplanes. With failed brakes. And really no pilot. BIG mistake 4. Two totaled airplanes. The obviously needs a wing, BUT the prop of the got caught in the cherokee wing as it was turning. Engine frame twisted, damage to the firewall, etc. He could have killed someone or ran into the fuel farm or a building. An aircraft that had not been flown in five years? Was it even airworthy? I have always been taught that an aircraft MUST carry documentation such as Certificate of registration, Certificate airworthiness, relevant documentation like radio licence- and electronic equipment, weight and balance documents.

That sort of paperwork. It also listed: Insurance certificate and maintenance release. Some items are more applicable to commercial aircraft but even so, I always thought that insurance was compulsory, just like with a car. This was done mainly with Piper Super Cubs. There was barely any work during the winter, most Pipers were parked outside, tied down. In the spring the mechanics would do an inspection, a run-up and oil change. They also drained the tanks but overlooked that the fuel pick-up in was not quite at the rear end of the tank.

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The PA 18 is a taildragger. That meant that not all accumulated water had been drained from the tank. The aircraft also had a balance tank in the fuselage. I took off, the tail came up, the remaining water now was sucked in but the balance tank still fed the engine — that is, until the water reached it. My engine quit when I was Probably about feet up in the air. I landed in a field behind the runway. As luck had it, there was a fire gate that was unlocked. I opened it, pulled the airplane back onto the airport EDLE and waited for the mechanics. They pulled the Piper back into the hanger, supported the tail and drained the tanks again, this time properly.

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There still was nearly half a milk bottle of water in either! After that, I flew the aircraft again. So what was this JERK thinking of? Taking an aircraft after FIVE years? His licence should be pulled if even he has one. And who will pay for the damage to the ? I was also reminded of an old comedy sketch about a mason trying to let down a barrel-load of bricks via pulley. Hint: the loaded barrel weighed more than he did. Will search return data recorder?

A Malaysian government source told CNN Monday that the airliner's turn off course is being considered a "criminal act," either by one of the pilots or someone else onboard the missing airliner. And in a background briefing given to CNN, Malaysian investigators said they believed the plane was "flown by someone with good flying knowledge of the aircraft. Several friends of Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah said they refuse to believe he could have been the "criminal" controlling the plane.

Could plane ditch into ocean intact? A senior Malaysian government official last week told CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes that authorities have found nothing in days of investigating the two pilots that leads them to any motive, be it political, suicidal or extremist. And an ongoing FBI review of the two pilots' hard drives, including one in a flight simulator Zaharie had built at his home, has not turned up a "smoking gun," a U.

In a Facebook post, the captain's daughter lashed out at a British tabloid that claimed to quote her criticizing her father.

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Several l eads dry up as search ramps up. Potential leads on the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight keep coming. So do the setbacks and frustrations. Ten military planes, a civilian jet and nine ships are part of Tuesday's Indian Ocean search, which spans a swath west of Perth that's , square kilometers 46, square miles , the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said. Monday's search ended without finding anything significant, Australian officials said.

Four orange objects spotted by search aircraft and earlier described as promising turned out be nothing more than old fishing gear, they said. Partner: My world is upside down Missing Malaysia flight stirs old memories Finding possible leads that turn out to be trash, fishing gear or jellyfish isn't easy for search teams, U.

Navy Cmdr. And this is what we do. This is what we train for. Navy officials loaded underwater locating gear aboard an Australian naval ship and set out to sea Monday evening, but won't be able to use the equipment until investigators narrow the search zone. The gear includes a pinger locator that's towed behind a ship and scans for the sound of the locator beacon attached to the plane's flight data recorder.

Also onboard is an underwater drone that can scan the ocean floor for debris. It will take the ship, the Ocean Shield, three days just to get to the search zone, leaving precious little time to locate the plane's flight data recorders before the batteries on its locator beacon run out. The batteries are designed to last 30 days; the plane has been missing for 24 days.


Under favorable sea conditions, the pingers can be heard 2 nautical miles away. But high seas, background noise, wreckage or silt can all make pingers harder to detect. If this mystery is solvable, we will solve it.

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Late last week, the search area shifted more than miles after what authorities described as "a new credible lead. What happened? Andy Pasztor, one of the reporters who wrote the story, said it boiled down to poor coordination between two parts of the investigation: one dealing with satellite data, and the other one dealing with fuel consumption and aircraft performance. Despite false leads and other setbacks that have plagued the search, officials have vowed to keep looking.

Malaysia will ask the United States about the possibility of deploying more military assets, Hishammuddin said Monday. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said Monday that he will consider any additional requests from Hishammuddin. We're providing everything that we can provide, as are other countries. Get up to speed. Family members of people onboard Flight have accused Malaysian officials of giving them confusing, conflicting information since the plane vanished more than three weeks ago. On Monday, dozens of Chinese family members visited a Kuala Lumpur temple.

They chanted, lit candles and meditated. We will never forgive for covering the truth from us and the criminal who delayed the rescue mission. Jiang asked Malaysia to apologize for announcing March 24 that the plane had crashed, despite the lack of any "direct evidence. Startpagina Discussies Workshop Markt Uitzendingen.

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