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So it was not you who sent me here, but God. Joseph recognized that his life story had been written by God. Every experience, from being sold into slavery to being falsely accused and thrown into prison, had been used by God to bring Joseph to Egypt at that exact time. He sent his brothers back to Canaan to pack up their families and bring them to settle in Egypt. Once again I tried to imagine how Jacob must have felt. The son he thought was dead was still alive.

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Had that been my plight, my life story, I would have said the same. If I had lost one of my children, my only wish … my only prayer … would be for a miracle to once again see them alive. Suddenly my stomach knotted. All of my children — and my grandchildren — are alive and well. And what do my prayers consist of?

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Wishes for more. Wishes for other miracles. Wishes for stuff. But I have enough. I would not want to trade places with Jacob … or Joseph … or even you.

I know I am here at this place at this time because this is the story that God has written for my life. And it is all to serve His purpose. Dear God, thank You for children and grandchildren and grace and forgiveness and provision. Thank You for my life story and the plan You have for my life. Ambient temperature is an important determinant of malaria transmission and suitability, affecting the life-cycle of the Plasmodium parasite and Anopheles vector.

However, the link between ambient temperature and human malaria incidence remains poorly resolved. To evaluate the relationship between ambient temperature and malaria risk, febrile children View details for DOI Anemia is known to impact a child's growth and development, but not all anemias are caused by iron deficiency, and the CDC and WHO have emphasized investigating other contributors to anemia.

At the time of assessment in , evaluation included a complete blood count, nutritional assessment, and testing for parasitic infections, focusing on the primary outcome of anemia, defined as hemoglobin Hb View details for PubMedID Virus names and virus name abbreviations are currently not within the ICTV's official remit and are not regulated by an official entity. Instead, these professionals look to the ICTV as an expert point source that provides the most current taxonomic affiliations of viruses of interests to facilitate document writing.

These needs are currently unmet as an ICTV-supported, easily-searchable database that includes all published virus names and abbreviations linked to their taxa is not available. In addition, in stark contrast to other biological taxonomic frameworks, virus taxonomy currently permits individual species to have several members. Consequently, confusion emerges among those who are not aware of the difference between taxa and viruses, and because certain well-known viruses cannot be located in ICTV publications or be linked to their species.

In addition, the number of duplicate names and abbreviations has increased dramatically in the literature. To solve this conundrum, the ICTV could mandate listing all viruses of established species and all reported unclassified viruses in forthcoming online ICTV Reports and create a searchable webpage using this information. The International Union of Microbiology Societies could also consider changing the mandate of the ICTV to include the nomenclature of all viruses in addition to taxon considerations. With such a mandate expansion, official virus names and name abbreviations could be catalogued and virus nomenclature could be standardized.

As a result, the ICTV would become an even more useful resource for all stakeholders in virology. Arboviruses are responsible for a large burden of disease globally and are thus subject to intense epidemiological scrutiny. However, a variable notably absent from most epidemiological analyses has been the impact of violence on arboviral transmission and surveillance. Violence impedes surveillance and delivery of health and preventative services and affects an individual's health-related behaviors when survival takes priority.

Moreover, low and middle-income countries bear a disproportionately high burden of violence and related health outcomes, including vector borne diseases. We extracted homicide data from the municipal monthly reports and kernel density of homicide distribution from IdeasPaz. Crucially, an overall higher risk of homicide is associated with increased risk of reported DENV, lower rates of acute testing, and higher rates of lab versus clinical discordance.

In the context of high violence as a potential barrier to access to preventive health services, a community approach to improve health and peace should be considered. We also recorded the neonatal clinical manifestations after such maternal infections qualitative data synthesis.

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Most cohorts reported data only on symptomatic rather than on all neonatal infections. By extrapolation also of these data, the overall pooled-MTCT-risk across cohorts was at least The pooled APFD-risk was 1. Overall, the pooled-risk of symptomatic neonatal disease was The pooled risk of symptomatic disease was Infected newborns, from maternal infections during gestation were either asymptomatic or presented within their first week of life, but not at birth, with fever, irritability, hyperalgesia, diffuse limb edema, rashes and occasionally sepsis-like illness and meningoencephalitis.

The pooled-risk of neonatal death was 0. Antenatal exposure to parasites can affect infants' subsequent responses to vaccination. The present study investigated how maternal prenatal infections and newborns' antiparasite cytokine profiles relate to immunoglobulin G IgG responses to standard vaccination during infancy. A total of Kenyan women were tested for parasitic infections during pregnancy.

Their newborns' responses to Plasmodium falciparum, schistosome, and filaria antigens were assessed in cord blood lymphocytes.


Following standard neonatal vaccination, this infant cohort was followed biannually to age 30 months for measurement of circulating IgG levels against Haemophilus influenzae b Hib , diphtheria toxoid DT , hepatitis B virus HBV , and tetanus toxoid. Trajectories of postvaccination IgG levels were classified by functional principal component PC analysis to assess each child's response profile. Two main components, PC1, reflecting height of response over time, and PC2, reflecting crossover from high to low responses or from low to high responses, were identified. Cord blood cytokine responses to schistosome and filarial antigens showed a significant association between augmented antihelminth interleukin 10 and reduced antibody levels, particularly to DT and HBV, and a more rapid postvaccination decline in circulating IgG levels against Hib.

Antenatal sensitization to schistosomiasis or filariasis and related production of antiparasite interleukin 10 at birth are associated with reduced antivaccine IgG levels in infancy, with possibly impaired protection. Streptococcus pneumoniae SP is a leading cause of child mortality globally, killing around half a million children aged 5 years and less per year.

Serotype prevalence varies geographically, impacting the serotype coverage of pneumococcal vaccines, and serotype prevalence data are limited from large regions of the world, including sub-Saharan Africa.

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We enrolled unvaccinated children, aged years from coastal Kenya and obtained nasopharyngeal swab samples before and after vaccination with the valent pneumococcal vaccine. This study contributes to the few data available regarding pneumococcal carriage and serotype prevalence in Kenya and is in concordance with reports of dynamic serotype replacement, driven by vaccine pressure. The literature on sero-epidemiological studies of flaviviral infections in the African continent is quite scarce.

Increasingly disease outbreaks caused by arboviruses such as the recent cases of chikungunya virus, dengue virus and yellow fever virus have prompted renewed interest in studying these viruses.

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International agencies from the US, several EU nations and China are starting to build collaborations to build capacity in many African countries together with established institutions to conduct these studies. The Tofo Advanced Study Week TASW was established to bring the best scientists from the world to the tiny seaside town of Praia do Tofo to rub shoulders with African virologists and discuss cutting-edge science and listen to the work of researchers in the field. The collections of abstracts from participants at the 2nd TASW which focused on Dengue and Zika virus as well as presentations on other arboviruses are collated in this chapter.

The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses ICTV has implemented numerous changes to the taxonomic classification of bunyaviruses over the years. Whereas most changes have been justified and necessary because of the need to accommodate newly discovered and unclassified viruses, other changes are a cause of concern, especially the decision to demote scores of formerly recognized species to essentially strains of newly designated species.

This practice was first described in the seventh taxonomy report of the ICTV and has continued in all subsequent reports. Complicating the matter is the fact that virus strains have been completely eliminated from ICTV reports; thus, critically important information on virus identities and their associated biological and epidemiological features cannot be readily related to the ICTV classification. Here, we summarize the current status of bunyavirus taxonomy and discuss the adverse consequences associated with the reclassification and resulting omission of numerous viruses of public health importance from ICTV reports.

As members of the American Committee on Arthropod-borne Viruses, we encourage the ICTV Bunyavirus Study Group to reconsider their stance on bunyavirus taxonomy, to revise the criteria currently used for species demarcation, and to list additional strains of public and veterinary importance. This paper describes the spatial and temporal distribution of cases, demographic characteristics of patients, and clinical manifestations of Zika virus ZIKV during the outbreak in Grenada. The first reported case was recorded in St.

Andrew Parish in April, and the last reported case was seen in November, with peak transmission occurring in the last week of June, based on test results.

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  • No evidence was found that testing positive for ZIKV infection was related to age, gender, or pregnancy status. During the Zika outbreak, the infection rate was 20 clinical cases per 10, in the population compared to 41 cases per 10, during the chikungunya outbreak in Grenada in and 17 cases per 10, during the dengue outbreak in Even though the country has employed vector control programs, with no apparent decrease in infection rates, it appears that new abatement approaches are needed to minimize morbidity in future arbovirus outbreaks.

    Elucidation of the risk factors for chronic disease is imperative to the development of effective risk management strategies and specific therapeutics.