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Until you let go of all your dreams, give up or you'll never have a fighting chance you must let go of your passion, and let the darkness do what it must. After all I've seen, something dark awaits me. Dragging me from the surface into the depths of reality. Let go of all your dreams, chasing those clouds until the sunrise. We'll keep pulling those strings and singing The monsters in front of me are singing you to sleep The monsters in front of me, are singing you to sleep.

Galaxies Reality, an illusion we are a mere collection of fluctuations I am the stars and the earth below. I am the product of starlight. I am the world around you. I am the universe and all that's beyond!

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I'm void of emotion, remembering what I've lost I never knew I could reach across the universe. I am enticed by the shining diamonds of the cosmos I am drawn to the center of the stage. This is our final dance into oblivion I am infinite, yet I've lost who I am And that's when I realized We are one in the same. Shivering ghost Have I lost myself again, the way you pull me in? From afar. The Endless Void We are the infinite, we are eternal. We are starlight, we are the endless void.

Somewhere lost in translation quantum processes beget the rise of galaxies. Yet when viewed through human eyes, there is no distance greater than between you and I. Signals Star-crossed, eternal Our lives intertwined in the fabric I'll keep you in my sights, as I search for the horizon. Don't wander from my eyes, things get dark when you run from the light! Somewhere lost in translation Yet when viewed through human eyes There is no distance greater than between you and I!

Gravity has failed us If there was one thing I thought I could count on It would be our understanding of causality! Promise me you'll sing my darling. Sing like I heard in my dreams Sing before I fall to sleep I see the beacons in the sky where have you gone my darling? Like waves across the sea, I wander in search of you! I will wander to I will find my way to you, even if it takes a thousand years! Promise me you'll sing my darling! Sing like I heard in my dreams.

Sing before I fall to sleep! Cosmonaut Awaken Tear the flesh from the vessel the mind os the killer, the sleeper must awaken! Cosmonaut awaken, wake from your slumber within.

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I have seen time and space collide, they flow together through you! We are known we are known to stare about the stars To stare upon the stars! As we wander, we wonder We wander!

Is this who we are, is this who me are? Is this who we are These eyes have seen beyond the perception They have seen We capture our dreams, like falling stars! Please don't wake me, I prefer my dreams to reality! Burn down the bridges surrounding me, I'll stay on the island inside of me!

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Call off the search party, don't bother looking, I'm beyond the sea! Where I am going, you can't follow me! Witness sight beyond sight We are few among a trillion stars The sleeper must awaken! I'm too far beyond the edge of dreamality! There's a river inside of me, from which all consciousness flows! There lies another, forevermore! We are known We are known To stare about the stars We capture our dreams like falling stars unable to distinguish yours from ours. I think there's something in the air that I'm breathing! I won't breath! The atmosphere around me is evading my lungs!

I'll save my last breath for the end! How am I supposed to save you? If I can't even save you from myself I am lost without you Their faces, blurred, and darkly shrouded!

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You must learn to embrace your fate, so just close your eyes and wait! These eyes have seen prophecy! According to this theory, such an environment could naively lead to the demand for dark energy to solve the problem with the observed acceleration. The abundance of voids, particularly when combined with the abundance of clusters of galaxies, is a promising method for precision tests of deviations from general relativity on large scales and in low-density regions.

The insides of voids often seem to adhere to cosmological parameters which differ from those of the known universe [ citation needed ]. It is because of this unique feature that cosmic voids make for great laboratories to study the effects that gravitational clustering and growth rates have on local galaxies and structure when the cosmological parameters have different values from the outside universe.

Due to the observation that larger voids predominantly remain in a linear regime, with most structures within exhibiting spherical symmetry in the underdense environment; that is, the underdensity leads to near-negligible particle-particle gravitational interactions that would otherwise occur in a region of normal galactic density. Testing models for voids can be performed with very high accuracy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Stars and galaxies: Universe. New York City: W. Freeman and Company. Lindner; J. Einasto; M. Einasto; W. Freudling; K. Fricke; E.

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Tago Void hierarchy in the Northern Local Supervoid". Astrophysical Journal. Bibcode : ApJ The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

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Endless Void or Big Crunch: How Will the Universe End?

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