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Transgender Woman in Car with Teddy Pendergrass Tells her side of the Story

This page was processed by aws-apollo4 in 0. Skip to main content. Copy URL. See all articles by Benjamin M. Duran Duran 6, Whitney Houston 7. Jethro Tull 8. The Marvelletes The Notorious B. Sonic Youth Rex Posted by ZootMarimba on Sunday, I think King's theory that the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock will bring about nostalgia for 60's acts is an interesting idea and a real possibility. That could happen with 60's acts. The ballots have not been 60's heavy in quite some time, so a revisit to some past groups that've been overlooked from the 60's might be the big curve we end up seeing.

Not that'll necessary make all that much of a difference, the 60's are kind of popular in pop culture right now not only with the Woodstock 50th Anniversary but also the new Quentin Tarantino movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which is set in Los Angeles.

Not that the Nominating Committee is going to solely pick their artists they'll push for because of soundtracks to Tarantino movies per se, but the 60's in general are kind of "the thing" right now, so it's possible. I don't necessarily think it's gonna be specifically Woodstock acts that will fill up the ballot, because frankly there's not many acts that performed left to induct that are serious contenders. Even artists associated with Woodstock like Richie Havens, Country Joe and the Fish and Ten Years After are not likely contenders for the ballot, even though I think all three have been previously considered for nomination before.

But I do think the ballot could be more 60's heavy than it's been in recent years.

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I think if anyone that performed at Woodstock and could finally make the ballot for the first time, it'll be Joe Cocker. He's one of the few snubs left that performed at Woodstock and is actually a viable RNRHOF candidate, or at least one that would get the votes needed for induction.

Posted by Donnie on Sunday, Yes, Donnie, I think we will see 2 or 3 60's type acts. Procol Harum would be my lock since The Zombies have been inducted. The Zombies supporters might swing back to Procol Harum. I'm thinking Tommy James or Love. Energetic liked that rendetion. Steve Winwood has been in music since I like him and hope he receives a 2nd induction. I would consider Blue Cheer but I have several metal acts on my list. People have had a strong support for The Monkees the last few years but I don't believe they will be nominated this cycle.

I'm a big fan of The Sonics so I hope they will get a nomination. Over the course of their eight studio releases, Oasis sold more than 70 million albums worldwide. In England, their ravenous fan base was likened to Beatlemania a band Oasis admittedly had an obsession with.

Still, their infighting was almost as legendary as their music. Brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher routinely traded barbs in the press. Behind closed doors, things were reportedly worse. Things finally came to a head in , when Oasis officially called it quits. Since the breakup, the brothers have continued their feud. Could a Hall of Fame induction finally lead the Gallaghers to kiss and make up?

The idea would surely be a hot topic among fans. What the all-female band lacks in album sales it more than makes up for in indie cred. Formed in Olympia, Wash. Since their arrival, the band has landed 23 songs on the alt-rock Top 20 chart, while also selling more than 35 million albums worldwide.

Teddy Pendergrass Car Accident

All of this while maintaining a rigorous touring schedule that has taken them across the globe. Their case for induction is one of the strongest among the first-time eligible artists. From a cultural standpoint, Notorious B. As biopics, murals and posthumous honors continue to celebrate the artist long after his death, induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame seems inevitable. The only shame is that next year's ceremony is slated to take place in Cleveland instead of his hometown of Brooklyn Eligible Artists: Iron Maiden Eligible since The numbers are staggering.

A career spanning more than four decades. More than million albums sold. More than 2, concerts, including stops in some of the most far-reaching destinations on Earth. Doobie Brothers Eligible since With more than 48 million albums sold, a laundry list of accolades and a legacy as one of the great vocal-harmony groups, the Doobie Brothers seemingly check every box necessary for Rock Hall induction.

The group has also impressively reinvented itself, from its early years to the Michael McDonald era to a well-chronicled reunion. And yet, here we stand, more than 23 years after they were first eligible, and the Doobie Brothers still remain outside the Hall. Even more shocking: The band is still waiting for its first Hall of Fame nomination.


Considering the fact that many artists were nominated multiple times before induction, a Doobies enshrinement seems unlikely. Motorhead Eligible since Fusing elements of punk and metal, Motorhead were one of the most powerful and influential bands of the last century. In a career spanning 40 years, the group released 22 studio albums, 10 live recordings and 12 compilation LPs.

Maybe this will finally be their year. With millions of albums sold, a rabid fan base and endless critical acclaim, the group appears to have a sound case. So why haven't NIN been inducted yet? The band has received two nominations, indicating the honor will likely happen at some point. Still, that opinion may be softening. Reznor was part of the ceremony, eloquently inducting the Cure. King Crimson Eligible since King Crimson have never had an album reach platinum status in the U. Their Hall of Fame case is less about commercial success and more about their lasting impact.

Industry Great Hank Spann Has Died

In a career that spans more than 50 years, the Robert Fripp-led group influenced a diverse assortment of musicians. More recently, Tool, Mastadon and the Flaming Lips have all admitted a connection between King Crimson and their own works. If the Hall truly wants to recognize trailblazers of the industry, King Crimson are worthy of enshrinement. Throughout his prolific career, Rundgren has released 25 studio albums under his own name, with another nine attributed to the band Utopia and three more credited to his '60s psychedelic rock group Nazz.

His stylistic choices have included rock, pop, lo-fi, industrial, electronic and almost any other genre you can think of. His induction would recognize one of music's most eclectic careers. A Hall enshrinement seems overdue and it may even coax a return appearance from David Letterman. The late-night icon memorably inducted Pearl Jam during the ceremony and was a close friend and admirer of Zevon for many years. He's sold more albums than any other comedy act in history.

He has six platinum albums to his credit, five Grammys and continues to tour to sold-out crowds.

Simply put, "Weird Al" continues to make history. Couple that with the support he's received from vaunted music legends like Dave Grohl, and perhaps a Hall nod starts looking more realistic. Posted by Navonte Robertson on Monday, Here's something I always do to make an induction happen soon as possible for certain names who have -to me at the least- enough requirements to meet the criteria.

I don't just buy their music, I stream them on Spotify one name per day or more. Did ya know the RIAA recently included streaming as a branch of certification? I maybe one person, but I do like to try out a fun challenge like this. Posted by The Dude on Monday, My Predictions will be coming soon, both on my blog and on here.

I've got at least 21 acts that I thought of, now I'm planning on narrowing it down to 15 or Some years it is easy to predict; this year it will definitely be a tough one to think of what we will be seeing in mid-October. Loving every ones predictions so far.

20 shocking music industry things never posted in the blog radiofacts com book 1 Manual

Let's see some more. Posted by Jason Voigt on Monday, Posted by Ben on Monday, Posted by dmg on Monday, Posted by rick l junga on Tuesday, Geez, nobody on this list only 12??? Posted by KXB on Tuesday, On the other hand, could be: 1. Link Wray 2.

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The Shangri-La's 3. The Monkees 4. Glen Campbell 5. Carly Simon 6.